Grass Fed Beef and Lamb - Naturally Raised Pork

Roan Creek Ranch

The Ranch is located in Garfield County and we also have a small farm in the Grand Valley.

Kathryn Bedell is a large animal veterinarian who moved on to the ranch with two small children, and everything changed.

We believe in raising animals the way nature intended, outside in their natural environment, eating what they evolved to eat, hanging out with their flock or herd mates..

Do You Have Any Questions?

Commonly asked questions about our animals and the meat we produce..

Are the animals only fed grass?

.The cattle and the sheep eat grass the whole growing season, usually from March to Late October.  In the Fall they continue grazing the stockpiled pasture that is no longer growing.  In the winter and early Spring they are fed hay grown on the ranch and harvested for later use.  They are only confined to corrals when the weather is wet and their hoofs would damage the sod.  The pigs are raised in large family groups in dry pens outside.  In the heat of the summer they are provided with shade and misters to keep them comfortable.  They are fed grains and alfalfa grown on the farm and milled into a diet for them.  Pigs are omnivores like bears and humans and cannot digest grass.  The pigs enjoy activity so they are provided with corn stalk or straw bales to root and play in.

Are they give hormones or antibiotics?

We do not believe in artificially promoting growth with hormones or other growth promotants.  If it becomes necessary to treat an animals with antibiotics for the health of the animal, it is treated but then it is removed from the herd and does not become meat for our customers.  We do vaccinate our animals at or before weaning to protect them for endemic diseases.

Do you process the animals yourselves?

All of our animals are USDA inspected so the processing must be done at an inspected plant.  They are then inspected for signs of disease alive and when on the rail.  We use both Mountain Meats, Inc. in Fruita and in Craig and Kinikin in Montrose.

Do you sell quarters, halves and whole?

We sell beef in quarters, halves and wholes, and pork and lamb in halves and wholes.  Please see our order pages for more information.

Can we visit the ranch?

We do allow visits to the ranch but this must be scheduled well in advance and will be in accordance with our work schedules.  We do offer what we like to call workations.  Visit the ranch in Garfield county and help us with our ranch work.  We allow guests during fence and spring repair, cattle drives,branding,and gathering.  See our Ranch Vacation page for more information.

Where can I get your meat?

Our meat is available at our store, Roan Creek Ranch Grocery in Fruita, at the Moonflower Co-op in Moab, at Osage Garden’s Little Red Barn in Silt and in the growing season at Farmacy Farms in Palisade.  We also will deliver directly to your home with a minimum order.

Our Contact Info

For more information, wholesale inquires, or to just visit with us, please call

Roan Creek Ranch Grocery

Store address:     119 E. Aspen St.,  Fruita CO 81505  (970) 858-3597

Call Kathryn Bedell:    (970) 270-2099